Our Founding Consultant spent ten years in the Aerospace industry with one of the main, if not THE main, UK player in the Space Business. Initially trained as a Space Engineer, he worked on projects that included satellite positioning and a passenger plane to fly from London to Sydney in 45minutes (sadly this never took off!).

When he moved into HR & Recruitment in the Company, some of the major challenges were finding STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS, THERMAL ENGINEERS and STRESS ENGINEERS - experienced technical professionals dealing with materials that can cope with extremes of temperature and how to dissipate the heat quickly and efficiently. A satellite is literally a small box, a couple of metres long, with one side facing the sun and one side facing the frozen deep space, with a gradient across such a short space of many degrees!!


Since then, we have worked with a diverse range of Companies including: Construction; Hot & Cold Steel; Acoustics; Aerospace; Surveyors; Project Directors & Programme Managers; HSEQ professionals; Engineers across all disciplines; and a very interesting Spatial Consultancy, who work with Architects, Surveyors, Construction Companies, etc., at both the micro level (e.g. where to place a water cooler in a new office-build to facilitate people flow) and at the macro level (e.g. where to put street lights in a new City Development to ensure safety at night)


As well as recruitment, we also facilitate & chair HR Director / Manager Forums for the Construction & Built Environment Sector